People use email for both i.e. personal and professional usage. Although there is a bundle of email service providers available like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Verizon email, etc, when it comes to the region-specific email service provider like in Australia, Bigpond is on the top of the priority list of users. 

It was the year 2013 when Bigpond started functioning under the name of Telstra. Telstra is an internet service provider that caters to the users with online entertainment along with fulfilling their need of having a best-ranked email service. Telstra or Bigpond email is based in Australia and has been serving people there for so long. It is known for its speed, security, and features.

This guide is all about Bigpond Email Sign in and its related issues. If you are new to it and do not know the exact way of logging in to it, this guide can be proven as a boon for you. Also, if you already have an account registered on it but are not able to log in to it and are searching for the solutions, this guide can help you to tackle the issue. 

Now, Let’s dive into the way of logging into the email account on Bigpond.

How To Login Bigpond Email?

Bigpond email has merged with Telstra. So, now you will get to see the Telstra sign-in page instead of Bigpond. If you are logging in to the Bigpond after a long period of time and finding Bigpond mentioned nowhere, do not fret as it has been taken over by Telstra. Steps to perform the login are provided below.

Step 1: Launch the web browser by clicking twice on its icon

Step 2: Go to the web address “

Step 3: A login page will open up, enter username inside the username text field

Step 4: Enter the password into the password text field

Step 5: If you are a Telstra Account Executive, you need to enter Business Id in the text field as well.

Step 6: Now check the checkbox in front of the “I am not a robot” and tick on the “Remember Username” checkbox if you want your username to be remembered automatically every time you log in to the Bigpond email.

Step 7: Finally, Click on the “Log In” button

Till this point, you must have logged in to the account on the Bigpond email.

Now, if you do not have an account on Bigpond email and want to create a one for yourself, go with the below-mentioned procedure.

So, let’s begin the login process.

How To Create An Account On The Bigpond Email?

Creating an account on the Bigpond Email is not that much difficult. If you have already signed up on another email service provider then you will not face any difficulty while signing up on the Bigpond Email. Steps to perform the signup process are mentioned below.

Step 1: Launch the Web browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc)

Step 2: Go to the link from here

Step 3: Now, a registration form consisting of the three sections will be shown on the screen. Fill up the text boxes one by one.

  1. First Section – Your Username and Password
    Here you are supposed to enter the valid Email Address and password. Once you have entered the password, retype it for confirmation.
Bigpond username and password

2. Second Section – Your Details
Mention the “First Name”, “Last Name” and date of birth with utmost accuracy as these will be visible under your profile in Bigpond email.

Bigpond first name and last name

3. Third Section- Your Telstra Account
Enter the Telstra mobile number or 13 digit account number, to receive the notification from Telstra.

Telstra mobile number

Step 4: Click on the “Continue” button

Step 5: Now you will be required to enter the verification code that will be of 6 digits. It is needed to verify the account.

Till now, you must have created an email account on Bigpond. 

If you have created the email account successfully but find no way to perform the login. Do not worry as the most possible causes of it are going to be discussed in the forthcoming passage.

Causes of Bigpond Email Sign-In Issue

If you are trying to log in to Bigpond email but facing some issue with it, do not panic, as this is normal and happens with lots of people. Before getting into the solutions of login issues, let’s first understand the causes so as to have a clear idea about the mistakes which are ultimately leading you to the issues.

Causes associated with the Bigpond login issues are described ahead. Have a look.

  1. Wrong Credentials

    Sometimes, it happens that you try to login into the Bigpond email after a long period of time and after such a long period you forget the credentials i.e. username and password. Or, you have a lot of credentials and finally messed up with such a huge number of credentials. Whatever be the case, you should provide the correct username and password to log in to the email account.
  2. Poor Connectivity

    Undoubtedly, a slow internet connection can lead you to the loop of loading the same page again and again. If you possess poor internet connectivity, you need to get it resolved as soon as possible else your precious time will get wasted and you will have to face the consequences of it later on.
  3. Confusion About Credentials

    The possibility of having more than one credential is huge as today’s era is fully digital and you might be having more than one credential. In this case, it becomes difficult to memorize a number of usernames and passwords. Also, similar credentials spoil the mind at the time of logging into the account. So, distinct passwords and usernames should be created at the time of signing up.
  4. Hacked Password

    There are minimal chances of it as the Bigpond email is secure enough. But it might be possible that you did not log out properly from the email account and someone with a poor mentality made the most of this opportunity and changed your password. 

So, these were some causes of why an individual is facing the issues while logging into the Bigpond email account. 

After comprehending the causes let’s begin with the solutions to resolve the Bigpond Email sign-in issue

Tips To Resolve Bigpond Webmail Sign-in Issue

Solutions to resolve the issue are provided ahead in the blog. If you are a novice and do not have much idea about the technical terminologies, do not panic as the solutions are well written while keeping a beginner in mind. 

Let’s begin with the solutions.

Solution 1: Examine The Credentials

While logging into the Bigpond Email, if you are being prohibited from entering the web portal, it is because you are entering either the wrong username or password. In order to log in successfully, you must enter the correct credentials, and if unluckily you have forgotten them, it is time to remind them. Apart from this, it might also be possible that you are entering credentials with some typing mistake. So, it is requested to enter the username and password slowly and steadily to cope with the typing mistake.

H3-Solution 2: Check The Status of Caps Lock and Num Lock

While typing the credentials you must have a sharp eye on the Caps Lock and Num Lock as these both can lead you to make mistakes while typing the username or password. When either of the credentials is case sensitive, the need of keeping the track of Caps Lock and Num Lock becomes essential. So, check the status of both of these buttons while typing.

Solution 3: Slow Internet Connectivity

Poor internet connectivity can create obstacles while you are loading any web page. If internet connectivity is too slow, you might end up loading the same web page again and again. To cope with this you should contact the ISP (Internet Service Provider) of your region and ask them to resolve the issue. But what if the problem is not from the side of the ISP? In that case, consider restarting your device and re-enable the internet button. So, till here you might have resolved the issue.

Solution 4: Check Server Status

It is not true in every case but sometimes the server of Bigpond or Telstra might go down and to check the status of this, you may go to “”. If it is down, nothing can be done from your side as only the server administrator has the access to it. But in the opposite case, you should reach to other solutions to get the issue resolved.

Solution 5: Suspend Antivirus

It might be possible that the antivirus and firewall are creating obstacles in the seamless operation of the webpage. To avoid this, you should disable the real-time protection of the antivirus and afterward check the Bigpond email webpage on the browser whether it works or not. You need not disable the antivirus permanently, all you have to do is disable it for a limited time period till you are using the Bigpond email on the web browser. Ahead of which you may enable the antivirus again. 

Solution 6: Disable Extension in Web Browser

Sometimes, the installed extensions are the culprit and because of them, a webpage does not load properly. If you also have installed several extensions in the web browser, it is time to disable them one by one and check whether the Bigpond webpage opens up properly or not. It is easy to disable the extensions, all you have to do is follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to Menu (by clicking on the three dots, located at the top right corner)

Google Chrome Menu

Step 2: Select the Settings option from the several available options 

Step 3: Go to Extensions (available on the left pane)


Step 4: Now a new window will come up, showing all the installed extensions. Here you are supposed to disable them one by one and check whether the issue gets resolved or not. 

There are a lot more solutions available to tackle the Bigpond Email Issues on different devices like Android, iPhone, Web browser.

Several causes and solutions have been provided above to tackle the Bigpond Email Sign-in issue. Also, With the help of the above-mentioned steps, you can easily sign in to the Bigpond email. So, this guide is a mixture of login methodology and issues related to it.

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