Yahoo webmail has been the talk of the town since its inception; mostly for good but sometimes for bad reasons. Nevertheless, the email service has done everything that’s in approach to please the crowd of users and this is why it attracted around 225 million monthly active users by the end of February 2017. Yahoo is known for its simplicity that makes managing email data a cake-walk. But, things are not always in pink and users encounter errors while sending or receiving emails. One such error is “Error Code 475- Suspicious Activity was detected on your account”. This error message signifies that your Yahoo account has been found guilty of suspicious or malicious activity. This is why Yahoo blocks your account from sending emails as your outgoing emails resemble spam. So, if you are receiving emails, but not able to send emails, you are encountering Yahoo Mail Error Code 475. 

Reasons for Yahoo Error Code 475

As we mentioned above, Yahoo Error Code 475 occurs due to the suspicious activity on your Yahoo email account and due to which Yahoo blocks your account from sending emails. Here is how Yahoo detects suspicious activity on your Yahoo email account:

  1. The account is sending too many emails in a small time frame: Yahoo uses its in-built filters to control spam and thus the same filters can block your account from propagating spam by not allowing you to send an email.
  2. All emails Include duplicate content: If you are regularly sharing the same information through your emails, Yahoo filters will prevent you from sending emails and block your Yahoo account.
  3. Sending one email to numerous recipients: Doing this frequently will also affect your outgoing emails and thus make sure you do not add too many recipients at a time.
  4. Email stuck in the Outbox folder of the Yahoo mail app: If you are not able to send an email from your Yahoo email account, the reason is a stuck email in the Outbox folder. Therefore, clearing your Outbox is necessary to retain the normal functioning of email.

If you are also facing error code 475 with Yahoo, we have an informative guide to help you come out of this troublesome situation. Try all these methods we have listed in this blog to get your issue resolved. 

Follow all the below-given methods in the order in which they have written until you find one method that suits your needs and resolve Yahoo error code 475.

Solution 1: Delete Stuck Emails from Outbox of Mail App

When emails are not being sent, they tend to stick in the Outbox folder of your Yahoo mail app. If there are too many emails stuck on your Outbox, you will look suspicious to Yahoo and this is why Yahoo error code 475 can take place. Therefore, make sure you remove all emails from your Outbox folder until your issue is resolved.

Important Tip: If you believe there is an issue with your laptop or desktop, you should repair it first and replace all the corrupted and missing files as it could be one out of many reasons for Yahoo 475 error.

Here are the instructions to clear your Outbox folder:

  1. Open the Yahoo Mail app (either mobile or desktop version) and click on Menu.
  2. Now, from the left-side pane, open the Outbox Folder.
  3. Remove emails one by one from the Outbox.
  4. Reboot your device or restart your mail app to check the improvements.

Solution 2: Change Yahoo Mail Password

If you are traveling abroad or you are signing in to Yahoo from an unidentified location, the Yahoo email client won’t update due to the suspicion of fraudulent activity on your account. In this case, your account would be blocked from sending emails. 

Most of the users have claimed that changing their password has helped them to get rid of Yahoo mail error code 475. 

To change your Yahoo email password, use these steps:

  1. Go to Settings >> Manage Accounts >> Account Security
  1. Now click on “Change Password”.
  2. Enter your new password and re-enter to confirm it.

Solution 3: Wait for Yahoo to Automatically Unblock your Account

Usually, the Yahoo server lifts the block or ban after 12 hours and removes the penalty from your Yahoo mail account. If neither of the two methods helps you resolve Yahoo error code 475, you are suggested to wait for 12 hours before reaching Yahoo support. 

So, give a gap of a day before you retry to send emails from your Yahoo email account. 

Besides that, you can also try syncing your Yahoo Mail with other platforms using Yahoo Mail Server Settings.


Yahoo Error code 475 can be quite disturbing, but our recovery methods will help you fix the error and save you from the stress you might face due to this problem.

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