Let me share one of my tragic experiences with the Yahoo email account. Once I was trying to sign in to my yahoo mail but I was redirected to AT&T. There was no way I could reach my Yahoo inbox. Then, I decided to dig deep and find the solution to this problem. I found that Yahoo and AT&T have joined hands and thus provided one single login webpage to both Yahoo and AT&T users.

But, I was not satisfied with this collaboration. Many people like me don’t want to use their AT&T and Yahoo email accounts together. I was always comfortable using ‘My Yahoo Page’ and ‘MY AT&T Page’ separately, instead of using both under one roof.

Yahoo has been in the market for decades, and therefore it has an unmatched reputation. I never thought of deleting my Yahoo email account, but it was very frustrating that every time “I was trying to sign in to my yahoo email, but I was redirected to AT&T”, and this was getting on my nerves. First, I thought I am the only one who is encountering this bottleneck, but this wasn’t only me. There is a tribe of people who are facing the same issue. 

So, I started doing the research and found that the association of AT&T and Yahoo made it difficult for its users to use the single interface as the Yahoo page is not the same anymore; it is loaded with AT&T logo, feature, and login option. This was new and confusing. But the most frustrating part was when after signing in with Yahoo, I was being redirected to AT&T. 

The only solution to this predicament was by separating the Yahoo email account from AT&T. But “How could I separate both my Yahoo and AT&T” account?” this was the real task. After the hard work of many days, I came up with the easiest way to decouple Yahoo and AT&T email accounts and stop Yahoo from being redirected. 

What are the signs that you have a merged account?

If you are using a Yahoo email account that is merged with AT&T, you will face the below-given repercussions:

  • You can sign in to AT&T using your Yahoo email address.
  • Using the AT&T login credentials, sign in to your Yahoo email account.
  • You can use both Yahoo email address and AT&T email address to sign in to the same account. 
  • You can send or receive email messages for both Yahoo and AT&T email addresses.
  • Both AT&T and Yahoo email account for the same account.
  • On resetting the password for the Yahoo email account, the password gets changed for both accounts.
  • Your Yahoo email is redirected to the “My AT&T” page.

Well, all these signs helped to find the right way. 

Here is what I did to unmerge Yahoo from AT&T: 

Step 1: Open your web browser and go to AT&T’s official website. 

Step 2: On the AT&T website, look out for AT&T sign-in option that will be displayed as “MY ATT”. Now, enter you’re “User ID” and your password to get into your AT&T email account.  

AT&T login webpage

Step 3: Click on the “Profile” option under the “MY AT&T” option placed at the top of the screen.

Step 4: Now, in the “AT&T Email Accounts” click on the “Account Profile” Option.

Step 5: In the “User Information” option, select “Delete Account’ from the right-hand corner of the “Member ID” option.

Step 6: This will take a few seconds, wait till the “Delete Email” message appears on the screen. Click on “OK” to confirm and proceed.

Step 7: Then, open the Yahoo sign-in page and sign in to your Yahoo email account with your user ID and password, and hit the sign-in button. 

to AT&T account.

Step 8: After this, for using Yahoo email separately, select the ‘Unmerge’ button from the bottom right corner of your Yahoo login page. And both the accounts will be unmerged.

Step 9: With all these steps, you can easily separate Yahoo email from your AT&T email account and use them both separately.

With all these mentioned steps, I was able to unmerge Yahoo and AT&T accounts and was able to stop redirecting Yahoo to the AT&T webpage. This problem never occurred again and thus I suggest all my friends out there give this method a shot and separate the Yahoo account from AT&T to ultimately stop the redirecting process.