Are you still relying on email marketing to advertise your products online? If you do, it’s not a bad idea. If you use Shopify as an eCommerce platform, you can take advantage of email marketing. It allows you to send information to your target audiences via email and let them know about what you have to offer. Here are the top eight advantages of using email marketing in boosting your Shopify eCommerce stores. 

1. It Helps Attract New Customers

If you received the email addresses of potential customers, use them to your advantage. You can attract new customers by sending them an email. It’s also an excellent way of introducing your business. Craft the right message and leave a great first impression. When the email provides these potential customers with a fantastic view of what your company can offer, they will feel curious. They might even decide to continue exploring on your website or social media pages

Don’t forget to select the recipients based on the leads received. Not all of them are worth sending an email to. Some of them might have no interest in your brand at all. While you can still try, you’re losing sight of the potential customers. Prioritize them and try your best to attract them to become customers. 

2. It’s Crucial in Retaining a Loyal Customer Base

Use email marketing to inform your existing customers about what is in store for them if they decide to go to the Shopify store and buy again. if there are upcoming promotions, they’re the first to know. They will receive privileges that other people won’t have. Make these loyal customers feel rewarded for their loyalty. As a result, they will have more reasons to continue shopping from your store. 

It’s also critical to keep the existing customers in the fold. They’re the best people to offer testimonies about your products. They can persuade more potential customers. Giving the loyal base a favor through discounts is nothing compared to what you’re getting in return. 

3. Many People are Still Using Emails

You might think that emails are no longer popular and obsolete. The truth is many people continue using emails to communicate in various settings. So it’s wrong to assume that no one will see your emails. If you take advantage of the platform, you can reach as many people as possible. 

Most businesses stay away from email marketing because they think that the messages go to the spam section. While it’s true, it only happens because the email doesn’t look good. The subject seems like spam, and the content appears generic. It’s also a problem because the sender uses an email blast. As a result, hundreds of recipients see the messages even if they shouldn’t. Emails can detect it and consider the message spam. If you don’t wish for it to happen, you must better draft and personalize the emails. 

4. You Don’t Need to Spend a Lot of Money

Email marketing is one of the least expensive options available. You can tell people about what you have to offer without spending a lot. Sending emails is free. As long as you have the contact information, you can send these messages without a problem. Even if you decide to buy a contact list, it won’t be too expensive. For a few dollars, you will receive hundreds of potential customers. 

Compare this option with other forms of advertising like TV or radio ads. Sure, they can reach many people, but you spend a lot more. If you run a small business, you can’t afford to pay the price. Email marketing is a strategy that evens the playing field. Anyone can succeed in online marketing using this technique. 

The best part is there’s a high return on investment. You can gain more leads and make more money if you use email marketing to your advantage. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using multiple marketing techniques. The point is you must make the most of free options that could lead to tremendous results. 

5. It’s Easier to Personalize the Message

When you draft emails, you can personalize the message to the recipients. Determine what they want to hear from you before sending the emails. Not all recipients are the same. Some are looking for ways to save money when buying products. Others have no idea what you offer and would like to know a few things. For example, if you want to talk about promo codes and vouchers, you might find people who want to know more about them. The key is to send the right email to the appropriate recipient. 

Make sure you write the name of the person to sound personal. The tone should be conversational. You want to generate excitement as you write the email and end it with a call to action. The recipient who felt the urgency in your email might decide to click the button and proceed with the next transaction. 

When you use other marketing campaigns, you send the same information to everyone. Whether you advertise on TV or social media, the message stays the same. Therefore, it pays to have a marketing campaign to talk to the potential customers as unique individuals. If they feel connected to your company, they’re more likely to patronize the brand. 

Start by talking about what’s new for them to discover. You may also start with a common problem that requires a solution. If your products can solve these issues, you’re most likely to convince these people to keep reading. 

The key is to keep the email short and straightforward. Even the most interested buyers won’t have time to read a long email. Put the most interesting details in the first two paragraphs. Even if the person reader doesn’t finish the email, it’s enough to advertise your brand. 

6. It Increases the Level of Engagement

Sending an email doesn’t necessarily lead to responses. However, it can be a good start. When the recipients love the information, they might decide to take the next steps. Some will explore the website, and others will respond to the initial message. You can also post the links to your social media pages. The goal is to start engaging with them. Eventually, you will make everyone loyal to your brand. 

Remember that sending an email isn’t your lazy way out of marketing. It might seem easy, but it’s a gateway towards other effective marketing strategies. You need to do more if you want to retain attention. You also can’t feel complacent if many people respond to your email. Use it as an opportunity to do more.

7. It Generates Traffic to the Store

Again, email marketing is only the beginning. You can do more after you already caught people’s attention. Start by linking them to your website and get more information about your company. It helps increase traffic towards your page. It doesn’t mean you will increase your conversion rate right away, but it’s a good start. People should know more first, and your website is where everything happens. 

You may also connect these people to your social media pages. It’s where most actions happen. You want these potential customers to see the interactions on social media. It will give them an idea about what they’re getting if they decide to patronize your products. If the social media platforms reveal glowing reviews and comments, it’s good for your business. It’s only a matter of time before you can convince these people to buy your products. Once you prove that you satisfied your customers after trying what you offer, they will likely come back.  

The only problem with using traffic as a metric is it might give you a complete picture. Determine where the traffic came from and if there’s an excellent chance of converting these visitors into buyers. Even if a million people visited your website after reading the message, it means nothing. You must wait until some of them decide to buy your products. If it happens, you can say that you have already reached the right target audience. 

8. It Boosts the Conversion Rates

Ultimately, the goal of email marketing is to increase the conversion rate. It refers to the people who decided to visit your website and became customers. There are many steps before they become customers. Once you have a high conversion rate, it means more money going into your business. The conversion rate is also a reliable metric for success since it determines how much you will earn from the sales. 

The journey from sending emails to boosting the conversion rate isn’t smooth. Expect several bumps along the way. You must be patient if you wish to succeed. Remember that you have to compete with other Shopify stores. They also have strategies to stand out on the platform. You should take the extra steps to prove that you’re worth it.

The only downside of looking at conversion rate as a metric in determining email marketing success is you might lose patience. Your conversion rate won’t show a high number even after several months of trying. First, however, you must look at what the figures mean. For instance, it’s already good enough, even if you only have a 1% conversion rate. Imagine if 100,000 people received your email. If your conversion rate is 1%, it means 1,000 people purchased your products. Multiply it with the cost of the products sold. If you consistently have that number, you’re heading in the right direction. 

You Can’t Do It Alone

Dealing with email marketing can be challenging. It’s also frustrating if you don’t see any response. You will also receive emails about how your business is a scam, and you should stop sending emails. If not done right, email marketing strategies could backfire. Hence, it makes sense if you decide to work with experts. Allow companies that offer SEO services to help out. They won’t only help with email marketing but draft a plan to make your business stand out. These experts will also combine all online marketing approaches for a more holistic strategy. 

The problem isn’t with email marketing itself, but how you use it to your advantage. If you draft the best messages and send them to the right individuals, expect a good response. Even then, the job isn’t over. You must engage these interested people and convince them further. Eventually, they will consider buying your products. Since you have to deal with other business aspects, it’s better to let them handle email marketing and other online marketing campaigns. 

Don’t Lose Hope

Shopify is getting bigger. You can expect more customers in the future. However, it also means that there will be more small business owners using the platform to sell. Some of them might have the same products as your company. If it’s already crowded in your niche right now, expect things to get worse in the future. Despite that, you can’t lose hope. If other companies are trying everything to succeed, you can do the same. Besides, you already hired an excellent team to deal with email marketing. You’re on your way to success. 

Email Marketing Will Evolve

The good thing about emails is they remain popular even if there are other messaging platforms available. In most professional and educational settings, emails are still a priority. It shows that email marketing will continue to be a powerful strategy for small business owners. However, be aware of the possible changes. Like any other online marketing technique, not everything will stay the same. Perhaps, there will be new tactics in email marketing that you should learn how to do. 

Another critical lesson to learn about email marketing is not to believe what people say about what works. Many business owners wrote off email marketing as an online strategy. The truth is it remains alive, and it’s helpful if done right. Don’t write off other tactics you have on the plan if you believe there’s an excellent chance they will work. Go back to the metrics and use them as a guide in deciding how to move forward.

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