Video is the hottest topic in the world right now, and people are talking about it. Businesses have taken the help of videos to grab attention from a wider audience and to promote their products and services to the people.

Before video marketing came under the spotlight, other techniques like email marketing were the main center of focus.

Even today, the majority of the brands pay a lot of attention to email marketing services and sending their customers brand newsletters.

If you are one such brand, why don’t you revamp the overall strategy by combining email and video marketing? Yes! In 2021, brands are embedding videos into their email, and that is helping them a lot. So, in this blog, let’s talk more about including in your email marketing and turn it into a success.

How to Add Videos to Your Emails?

The first thing you have to do is start with your videos that can be shared via email. Unlike a regular website, you cannot embed any footage and stream it directly from YouTube. You have to send the video along with the email that you are passing on to your clients. You can also choose to use a static image or a GIF to show a quick review of it.

As per the industry standards, your status images should be less than 200KB, and in case you are planning to upload a GIF, you should make sure that it is less than 1MB in size. Use a good video editor to achieve the best video sizes.

Once you have added the videos, use a “click me” button to help the audience quickly reach out to the best personal or professional emails. Double-check to find out if there are any other elements that you would want to add.

In the meantime, you can also make a list of all the clients to whom you want to send the email. So, this is how you are going to add videos to your emails. Even if you are still confused about adding videos in your business emails, let’s check out some crucial tips.

Tips for Including Videos in Your Emails

Email marketing, along with the support of a good video, can help your business to grow. Videos can have a tremendous effect on your audience and deliver the best ROI to you. Over time you can see a massive surge in the online traffic and revenue generated from it. So, here are some more tips that will help you out – 

  • Use a good video editor to make the best videos for your email marketing. If your videos can’t be of the best quality, they won’t intrigue the audience much. Using a reliable and good video editor such as an online video maker will allow you to use features to create the best videos for your emails.
  • Don’t forget to use the word “video” in the email subject line or description. Yes! It has been seen that people had experienced better responses from the users when the word “video” was mentioned. It increases the click rate of your emails by at least 20%. So, you should not miss out on this chance.
  • Make sure to use the autoplay feature and give your audience a quick sneak peek into what video you have sent them. Autoplay videos are always more effective when compared to regular ones. These videos help the viewers to play it instantly and gather some ideas about the overall theme.
  • If possible, then use a thumbnail that is animated. Even though many clients don’t yet support someone else, you can share it with them. This works amazingly and helps the receiver to witness an excellent piece of the image that is relevant to the video you made.
  • Never create your emails before you set the objectives of your campaign. You should have a clear-cut vision about what you want to achieve and how you want to execute them. Outline all the targets of this campaign and discuss them with your team. This will help them to make the best emails.
  • Adding voice over to your video with the help of text to speech can make your video more engaging
  • The video should not have loud music. The audio must be clear and audible. Avoid adding any unnecessary sound effects or other heavy music. It can be very irritating to hear.

These are some quick tips that will help you make the best emails that include a video for your marketing. So, they are going to revamp your overall performance for sure.

Why Use A Video in Email Marketing?

The use of a video in email marketing is one of the most effective ways in which you can attract more customers to your brand. We already mentioned that using a video will help you get at least 20% more online traffic and left the other work.

One of the significant reasons to use a video while sending an email is to grab people’s attention. When they pay all attention to the video, it allows you to capture their mind and present them with a bit of information you wanted to share.

Most of the emails sent by brands get deleted and remain unopened in the longer run. The use of a video helps you to come out of this zone of ignorance and earn more revenue. The use of a video on any marketing email can attract more attention.

People find it more convenient to just click on the video and watch it directly from the email link. This helps to save time and also a lot of effort. Creating a good video using advanced video editors helps to make the best videos that can be used in every aspect of s business.

Final Words –

Email marketing works to date. Brands are using emails to spread the word about their services and products or create informative videos that will be helpful for others. Don’t use email marketing without the support of video files. Videos can help to deliver the best kind of online performance and positive results. You just need to have the patience to see if your email marketing strategies are working or not.