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Comcast is the most popular and distinct email service provider. It hosts itself under the custody of Xfinity. It helps in managing and sending emails; it is secure and holds quick support responses. It can be used as a personal and professional email client. Although it possesses a secure way of communication and holds several advanced features, it does not confirm its rigidity or an error-free experience and hence users can face several problems from time to time while operating. It is not a matter of being worried as in order to tackle all those problems, you can get assistance from the below-mentioned steps, also, a detailed guide is being provided below, which has been curated from the internet.

Before jumping into the solutions, I am eager to provide the list of possible problems which an individual will be facing while operating Comcast email. 

So, the Comcast email issues which you might be facing are: 

  1. Comcast email login problem
  2. Comcast Platform is working slow
  3. Comcast email Not loading
  4. Comcast email on Android stopped working
  5. Comcast mail down
  6. Email not working on Chrome
  7. Unresponsive behavior of Comcast
  8. Email is unavailable
  9. Comcast not working on Mac devices
  10. Comcast has stopped working

After having discussed the problems, here I am providing the sure-shot solutions, these solutions can improve your experience with Comcast email easily. So, let’s begin now.

Solution 1: Check your Internet connection, is it down?

A poor internet connection can make Comcast email functioning slow. In order to improve this factor, you may check your internet connection, if it is slow then there is a requirement of certain steps to be followed.

1) Check the modem for connectivity.

2) Check whether the cables have been put in the right place or not.

3) Check the connectivity of connected devices like Mobile, laptops, etc.

4) If, still, the problem persists, try to restart the modem and put cables in the right place after unplugging. 

This step must have restored your internet connectivity and if the issue has not been resolved yet, let’s go to the next step.

Solution 2: Reconfigure the Comcast Email server settings

If you are using Comcast email via a third-party tool like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc., it is time to reconfigure them, as the wrong configure settings can lead to abrupt behavior. It is a must to have a sharp eye on the settings and in order to do so, check and verify the configuration using the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open 3rd party tools whether it is Outlook, Thunderbird, or something else
  2. Go to File from the main menu
  3. Choose Account Settings
  4. Open your Comcast account and then hit Change Button
  5. Now, it is time to check IMAP, POP, and SMTP settings


It is an incoming server protocol and requires the following settings, check and verify yours.

  • (Comcast) IMAP server:
  • IMAP port: 993
  • IMAP security: SSL/TLS
  • IMAP Username: Enter your full email address
  • IMAP password: Enter password


It is an outgoing server protocol, matching your SMTP settings from below.

  • (Comcast) SMTP server:
  • SMTP port: 587
  • SMTP security: STARTTLS
  • SMTP username: Enter your full email address
  • SMTP Password: your password


It is an incoming mail server protocol, verify related settings from below

  • (Comcast) POP Server:
  • Pop3 port: 995
  • POP3 security: SSL/TSL
  • POP3 username: your email address
  • POP3 password: your password

It is recommended to use IMAP protocol, as it keeps the file on to the server and connected client devices, whereas POP protocol causes problems with the email, as it removes mail from the server and sends it to the connected devices. So, in order to keep files on the server and on connected devices, you may use the IMAP protocol.

Solution 3: Check Sending and Receiving of email

If you are facing any issue while sending or receiving the email in Comcast, it might be that some settings have been changed randomly, so there is a need to check all those possible options.

  1. Check whether you have reached the maximum email limit.
  2. Check the spam folder of your email, as it might be possible that some of your emails are going into the spam folder mistakenly.
  3. If your emails are being sent but are not being received at another end, it might be possible that your email address has been put into the block list at the receiver end. So, if it is the case then your email address must be removed from the block list of receivers, then only two-way communication is possible.
  4. Before sending the email, you should double-check your recipient email address.

Solution 4: Check Web Browser

If you are accessing Comcast email from a web browser, it might be possible that the settings of the web browser are not up to the mark and that is why you are getting hindrance while operating. So, it is recommended to check the below-mentioned settings.

  1. A web browser must be updated to the latest version
  2. Removing cache and cookies can help to an extent
  3. If Comcast is not opening in one browser, then you may switch to another, it will definitely help somewhere.
  4. Last but not the least, please check whether the web browser is supporting Comcast or becomes unresponsive when opening.

Solution 5: Check whether Comcast is down or not

If you are aggressively attempting to change settings and are not aware whether the Comcast server is down or not, it might be problematic. So, in order to check the status of Comcast click here. If Comcast’s status is found to be down then you can not do anything except waiting for it to get correct. It might also be possible that Comcast is down in some regions and active in some other regions. So, try your luck, as for this issue you can not do anything.

Solution 6: Check Antivirus Settings

Sometimes it is an antivirus that creates hindrances while operating on an app or working online. So, in order to check whether antivirus or firewall is not the culprit, all you have to do is disable antivirus for a while and check whether your emails are working fine or not. If, still, Comcast email is not working perfectly, try uninstalling the antivirus. If still, the problem persists then antivirus is not the case with you. You may install your antivirus again.

Solution 7: Is the third-party app creating hindrances?

A third-party app is an app that is downloaded from some unknown sources and does not have an authentic certificate with itself. Sometimes, these third-party apps can cause obstacles while performing some tasks on the web browser or on a computer, as these apps keep on using the network & system bandwidth and can not be stopped just like that. In order to escape from these, just keep an eye on such kinds of apps, and whenever you feel something unwanted is happening then go to that app and uninstall immediately.


So these were the solutions for the problem of Comcast functioning. If you are unable to work on Comcast email or it crashes every time you launch it, the above-mentioned solutions could be fruitful for you, as these solutions are highly researched and curated from the internet. In addition to the above solutions, you may get in touch with a support team of Comcast, surely you will get your issue resolved but I request you to first follow solutions then only go for Comcast support. Apart from solutions, you may try another option like tackling the operating system as sometimes it is system cache and junk file which creates system heavier and creates an obstacle in the seamless operation of any app installed.