Roadrunner email has paved its way to success by gaining a massive database. With the extraordinary services and wide range of features, it certainly can become one of the biggest email service providers. In addition to that, with the trust of Spectrum, users can certainly make use of it for their day-to-day communication business. However, there come times when users come across certain issues and complain their Roadrunner email account is not working. There is a huge range of issues that lie under the banner of “RR email is not working” and manifest themselves in a different manner such as sign-in issues, configuration errors, sending and receiving issues, and so on. 

However, these issues can be fixed with a couple of fixes, but not every user is aware of them, hence we created this guide to help the users to troubleshoot all the Spectrum email problems. You will get an idea of both general and advanced troubleshooting along with the list of causes and issues. 

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Causes Why Roadrunner Email Problems Happen

There are a handful of reasons that can trigger Roadrunner’s email problems and affect the holistic user experience. Thus, we have created a complete list of causes for Roadrunner email problems; the cause of the issue might differ for different users but it is always recommended to know all possible causes that may induce issues with your TWC Roadrunner email service.

Let’s understand “Why is my roadrunner email not working”??

  • Cause 1: If the Spectrum Net server is down, you might not use email and other services.
  • Cause 2: Typing in the incorrect login credentials can also affect the RR email login process.
  • Cause 3: Forgetting Roadrunner’s email password or username can also keep you from using it.
  • Cause 4: Entering Inappropriate IMAP or POP settings on third-party clients will cause issues on the RR webmail account. 
  • Cause 5: The improper supply of the Internet can also trigger problems with your email account. 
  • Cause 6: Not using the correct server configuration on your device.
  • Cause 7: Not having updated recovery methods i.e. recovery email and recovery phone number, can keep you from recovering your phone number.
  • Cause 8: Make sure that the email address that you are using to login is entered correctly.
  • Cause 9: Long periods of Inactivity, or inappropriate behavior can lock out your Roadrunner email account.
  • Cause 10: Your RR email account has been hacked or compromised. 
  • Cause 11: There is some issue with the SMTP server or outgoing email connection.

These are some common causes that might cause Roadrunner email issues. But what are those issues? Knowing the variety of issues is equally important before you start any sort of troubleshooting. Therefore, we have curated all issues in a list to give you an idea, and thereafter we will discuss the possible solutions to these.

Common Issues That Occur With Roadrunner Email Service

  1. Inability to configure the IMAP and POP3 server settings
  2. forgotten Roadrunner email account username password
  3. A locked or disabled Roadrunner email account
  4. Issue while creating a backup of email data before installing a new version
  5. Roadrunner sign-in problems
  6. Roadrunner registration and email set-up issues
  7. Inability to recover RR login password
  8. Can’t send or receive Roadrunner emails
  9. Excessive spam in the Inbox.
  10.  A problem in configuring the Roadrunner email account on mobile (Android or iPhone).
  11.  Issues while syncing or restoring Roadrunner contacts
  12.  Roadrunner inbox is not loading
  13.  Not able to block or unblock contacts.
  14.  The hacked or compromised Roadrunner email account
  15.  Unable to restore the deleted RR emails or contacts
  16.  Roadrunner email attachments issues
  17.  The problem in configuring RR email on the third-party email service provider
  18.  Problem while configuring RR email on Android 
  19.  Trouble while configuring RR email on iPhone
  20. The TWC Email service downtime or server outage.

General Troubleshooting to fix “Roadrunner Mail Not Working” Problem

Solution 1: Use Updated Browser

Not using an updated version of your browser can invite various unwanted circumstances and thus we should make a habit of using the latest version of the browser whenever accessing Roadrunner or any other email service. This will save you from a lot of trouble such as sign-in issues, locked or disabled RR accounts, and more. So, the first thing to do while using browser-based RR email services is to update your browser or switch to another browser that has been updated recently.

Solution 2: Remove Cache and Cookies

Caches and cookies are used to store the online information to decrease the loading time in the long run, but these entities are likely to interfere with the loading and functioning of RR email. So, you can delete cache and cookies from the Settings of your browser whenever you come across any issue while using your Roadrunner email.

Solution 3: Log-out and Log-in

This seems to be a long shot but it’s worth trying as it takes minimum effort and renders incredible results. Whenever you are having a tribulation with your RR email account, signing out and signing in again can do the trick in a matter of seconds. Go to  for signing-in and then sign-out from the same webpage.

Solution 4: Remove Malware

We all know how hazardous malware, viruses, Trojans, etc. can be. Thus, it is recommended to use your antivirus to get rid of all security threats and then restart your device, whenever RR email gives you a tough time. Do not forget to disable antivirus after completing the scan and removal of malware.

Advanced Troubleshooting to fix “Roadrunner Mail Not Working” Problem

Solution 1: Check Roadrunner Email Server Settings

When using Roadrunner email on a third-party email client, you can afford to have an inappropriate set of email server settings. Thus, one should be wary of server settings when RR email stops responding to other email clients. The most updated set of RR settings is provided below to help you with the right and effective configuration. 

Roadrunner Incoming Server Settings:

  • Username: type-in your email address
  • Password:  your RR email password
  • Server: 
  • Port: 110 (you can prefer to use 110)
  • Security type: None

Roadrunner Outgoing Server settings:

  • Server: (This can differ based on location; Here is the TWC server list based on locations).
  • Port: 587 (It may also be 25 if 587 fails to work)
  • Security type: None
  • Require sign-in: Check/select
  • Username: (based on location)
  • Password:  your Roadrunner email password.

Solution 2: Check If Spectrum Email Server is down

Server downtime may not occur frequently but it does, all the services related to Roadrunner or TWC stop functioning. This doesn’t happen to one or two users, but the entire RR community has to suffer when the Roadrunner server is down.

To check the roadrunner email problems today, you can use websites like where you will get the details of problems Spectrum, the proprietor of Roadrunner, is facing at the moment. So, click on the link and check not working or encountering some errors.

Solution 3: Recover Locked Roadrunner Email Account

The non-functional email account could be the result of a locked Roadrunner account. To simplify, when you are locked out of your RR email account, neither can you access your email account, nor can you perform any function such as sending or receiving emails. Multiple reasons can cause a locked Roadrunner email account such as an inactive Roadrunner account, violating privacy rules, or excessive use of an account such as sending spam. To fix this, you can either wait for Spectrum to unlock your account or you can try resetting your TWC email account password.

To reset your RR password:

  1. Open Spectrum Webmail page.
  2. Click on Forgot Email Password?
  3. Choose I don’t know my email password.
  4. Provide your Email Address.
  5. Select the “I’m not a robot” check box, and then Submit.
  6. Enter the Answer to a security verification question.
  7. Select Reset Password. A new password is displayed.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions and provide the required information.
  9. Now change the password right away, and copy it to keep it safe.

Solution 4: Inspect Size of Attachments

Not being able to send emails can be due to heavy attachments as there are size limits for attachments i.e. 20 MB. If your attachment is larger than that, try splitting it into smaller parts and send each part in a different email. Or, you can use compressing tools available on the web, they will squeeze the size of your attachment file and make it smaller. This is an effective solution to the RR email sending issues. 

Solution 5: Check Roadrunner Account Settings

The privacy and security settings of your RR email account should be modified from time to time as per your needs and requirements. So, visit the general settings page of your account and make the required changes. This will help you fix various performance-related issues. 

Solution 6: Troubleshoot Roadrunner Email Login Issues

The term sign-in issues can be broken down into multiple sections such as forgotten email password, hacked or compromised email account, or email security-key is not working. All these issues are said to be the most destructive ones as they prevent you from accessing your account altogether. To get rid of login problems several fixes might help such as fixing the network connection, re-configuring email settings, switching to a new browser and using a known device to access the RR account, but most effective of all is resetting your RR email account password. 

To recover the forgotten email password:

  • Open Spectrum login page
  • Tap on Forgot Email Password link
  • Provider Answer for the security questions and Fill-in the CAPTCHA to prove you are human.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new password.
  • Sign in with the new password.

Solution 7: Check Recipient’s Address When Having Email Sending Issues

When you can send emails from your Roadrunner email account to one or a few users, there are chances that you might type the email address incorrectly, another possible cause is they are in your “Blocked Contacts” list. So, make sure that you check whether you have blocked the contact, marked it as spam, or typing an incorrect address, to fix the sending and receiving issues with the Roadrunner email.

Solution 8: Mark Spam to Manage Emails

Spam emails tend to clog your Roadrunner email inbox and thus it is needed to remove spam from time to time. You can mark the emails as “Spam” that you find overwhelming. This way, you can block the emails coming from the IDs that are spam and keep your inbox clear of them. Blocking a sender won’t cause any issues as the sender won’t get to know about it. You can do it with any ID that you want.

Solution 9: Troubleshoot Roadrunner Email Issues on Android

Roadrunner email is platform-wide and can be used on every version of mobile devices. Due to the clean interface and easy-to-manage features, it can be configured pretty easily, but a little conflict can cause great discomfort. If you are facing any problem while setting up Spectrum Roadrunner email account on your Android mobile devices, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the “Mail” app of your mobile
  • Type-in the roadrunner email login credentials 
  • Select “POP” settings for the RR email incoming server
  • Enter your password for the Roadrunner email account
  • Provide the settings for the POP server
  • Or, you can select the IMAP server
  • Type the required settings for the IMAP server
  • Tap on “Done”.

Solution 10: Troubleshoot Roadrunner Email Issues on Android

  1. Select Settings >>Mail, contact, and calendar option.
  2. Choose “Add Account” and then type in your Roadrunner login credentials.
  3. In the “Incoming Email Server” menu, type in the settings for the POP server.
  4. Open the Outgoing Mail Server, provide the IMAP settings.
  5. Tap on the “Save” button.

In a Nutshell, with all these solutions you can certainly troubleshoot “Roadrunner email is not working” in one of them. But if you find all these solutions aren’t helping you out, you can certainly take help from the official spectrum support page.