Zoho email is the most renowned email service platform that is managed under the eminent Indian Software company called ZOHO Corporations. Since 1996, this email service has been proving to be a godsend to worldwide users. It was first founded by Mr. Sridhar Vembu and Mr. Tony Thomas in Pleasanton in the USA and the duo got immediate recognition for introducing one excellent email platform that is designed to cater to even the most professional emailing needs. Apart from the webmail services, Zoho Corporation deals in various web-based business tools and information technology services within 7diffrent countries. Talking about Zoho email service, it is so far one of the best web-based platforms, but still far from perfection like any other digital service. Zoho mail login problems have always been a matter of concern among the developers as well as the users because no definite solution has been found for this.

As a matter of fact, login issues with Zoho or any other email service are inevitable. And, despite knowing the presence of email login issues, users can’t resist using the Zoho mail app. Why? Because of the compelling features, it offers. 

Some of the most compelling features of Zoho mail Service are:

  1. Customized email services that cater requirements of every business
  2. End-to-end security and encryption of email data.
  3. Business domains are available for professional use so that users can customize an email address that can help customers to directly reach the brand.
  4. An intuitive control panel that makes managing email settings and account configuration easier and convenient.
  5. Email retention for 365 days’ data. This feature makes this email service stand out.
  6. You get an interface that resembles most of the social media websites where you can add comments and like emails.
  7. It includes No-ads.
  8. You get 5 GB of storage with 5 mailboxes and 1 GB additional cloud storage.
  9. Round-the-clock customer support for Zoho email customers. The support is accessible through support@zohomail.com
  10.  It supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP protocols to add Zoho email on third-party email clients.

Now, as we are familiar with features that are available in the Zoho email. We should move back to the core topic of “Zoho mail login issues”. So, before we begin with solutions, let’s have insights into the possible reasons that can arise from Zoho mail login issues.

Reasons for Zoho Mail Sign-in Issues

There is no certain reason but a bunch of possible causes that can create Zoho email login issues. Here below we will unveil all the situations that will lead you to sign-in errors: 

  1. Using incorrect login credentials is the major cause that can lead you to Zoho mail sign-in problems. Usually, expired passwords create such problems.
  2. Crossing the limit of 5 GB Inbox storage, along with the additional 1 GB cloud storage, can create Zoho email issues.
  3. The Zoho email server outage or crashed server can create login issues.
  4. Antivirus, anti-malware, or firewall software can interrupt the functioning of web services, resulting in Zoho mail sign-in issues.  
  5. The slow or poor internet connection can cause Zoho email issues.
  6. Using outdated Zoho email software or applications can be one of the many causes.
  7. Use of incorrect Zoho email configuration settings for incoming and outgoing mail servers.

Solutions to Zoho Mail Login issues

After discovering the underlying cause, you should try fixing the Zoho email sign-in issues from the root. Here we are recommending some of the most effective solutions to deal with Zoho mail login issues without hampering the stored data.

Solution 1: Check Zoho Email Configuration Settings

Check for the Zoho email settings for incoming and outgoing servers. In case, you have used inappropriate settings, replace them with the information given below:

For Incoming Mail Server

  • User Name – username@zoho.com
  • Server – imap.zoho.com
  • Port – 993
  • Security Type – SSL

For Outgoing Mail Server

  • User Name – username@zoho.com
  • Server – smtp.zoho.com
  • Port – 465 / 587
  • Security Type – SSL / TSL

Solution 2: Check for Email Storage Limit

As we mentioned above the email storage limit of 5 GB along with the 1 GB email storage should not be exceeded as doing so will stop you from receiving emails and even impact the sending ability of your Zoho email account. The solution to this problem is to delete some unwanted emails from your Zoho email inbox and other folders. Also, clean some space on the cloud server so that it can store more incoming and outgoing emails.

Solution 3: Try to Reset your Zoho Email Account Password

Step 1: Open the Zoho email login page and then click on “Forgot Password”.

 click on “Forgot Password”

Step 2: On the next screen, enter your email address, mobile phone number, or username. Then, click “Next”.

enter your email address, mobile phone number, or username

Step 3: Fill in the Captcha on the next screen.

Fill in the Captcha

Step 4: Enter the CAPTCHA to prove you are a human.

Enter Cpatcha

Step 5: You can pursue by typing the last password you remember or you can select “Don’t Remember” if you want to use another recovery method.

Forgot Password

Step 6: Then, you need to enter your alternate email address to receive the reset link for your Zoho email account.

Step 7: Now, create a new password that will protect your account from unauthorized access. Then, re-enter it to confirm.

Solution 4: Check Zoho Server Status

Another reason for Zoho email sign-in errors could be server downtime or crashed server, in such a case, it is recommended you first check for server outages using the sites https://downdetector.com/status/zoho/ and downforeveryoneorjustme.com/. If you don’t get the notification that says the email server is down, you should continue with the next troubleshooting method. However, if you find an issue with the Zoho email server, it is suggested to keep patience and wait at least 24-42 hours.

Solution 5: Remove and Re-Install the App

If you are using the Zoho mail app, you should try to remove the app and re-install it to cope up with the login issues. It is the most effective way to deal with all unwanted glitches that appear on the Zoho mail app. 

After deleting the app from your mobile device, you should install its latest version from the Play Store or App Store.

Solution 6: Check Internet Connection

If you are having issues while signing in to your Zoho email account, you should look out for internet connection issues and fix them by restarting your router or modem. Doing this will also fix the slow internet speed that is delaying the entire login process.

Solution 7: Check Firewall and Antivirus Interference

If you are using an antivirus or Firewall on your device, you should check for the virus system if it is creating an error by interfering with the Zoho mail login session on your browser or the mail app. If you believe it to be the case, it is recommended to temporarily disable and check for improvements.

Solution 8: System Reboot

Last but not the least, rebooting your system will always bring forth positive outcomes. This is why whenever you come across Zoho mail login issues, you should consider rebooting your device. 


All these fixes are mainly designed to fix Zoho email issues that appear while signing in so that the masses can benefit from it. But, if nothing helps, the Zoho mail support is always around the corner to help users.

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