Roadrunner email service which is now powered by Spectrum webmail has touched a milestone by bagging the revenue of  $1.8 Billion back in the year 2019. Just for providing high-end features and world-class security services, Roadrunner has always been the first choice of millions of users. From regular emailing to professional communication, Roadrunner satisfies the needs of all user categories. Not every day is blossoming with RR email, because minor technical glitches and email issues hit every now and then to disturb the workflow of Roadrunner email users. The most annoying ones are Roadrunner sending and receiving email issues. There are various factors that are responsible for the occurrence of sending and receiving errors, and to get rid of those, there are various troubleshooting tips that can help fix the RR sending and receiving issues

If you are keen to know what solutions will work for you when you can’t send or receive Roadrunner emails, read this guide till the end and get yourself out of the predicament. 

Major Causes Why You Are Unable to Send or Receive Emails with Verizon

  1. Inappropriate Network Strength: Being a web-based service, Roadrunner email requires adequate network strength to transfer or share data. 
  2. Incorrect Configuration: While using an email service on third-party clients, having the correct configuration of server settings is mandatory, not fulfilling this condition can cause issues while sending or receiving emails on Roadrunner.
  3. Not Following Limitations: There are a few limitations set by the email service provider, not following those can affect your ability to recieve or send RR emails. Some major limitations to follow are: 
  • Roadrunner allows you to share emails with a max of 1000 recipients per day per IP.
  • The SMTP sending limits are 5MB per message.
  1. Entering the wrong email address: Providing the incorrect email addresses of the recipient will prompt sending issues.
  2. Blocked Contact: If you have blocked an email account, intentionally or accidentally, you won’t be able to send or RR receive emails with that particular email account.
  3. Browser Issues: When you are having issues while sending or receiving RR emails, you must check for browser issues.
  4. Device Issues: If the mail app errors are triggering issues, it will affect your sending and receiving abilities as well.
  5. Email Attachment issues: Corrupt or broken attachments are likely to induce email sending or receiving issues. 
  6. Erroneous browser plug-ins: Browser add-ons and plug-ins can interfere with the performance of your RR email service, thus one removes them to send or receive emails.
  7. Mail application errors: No matter what email application you are using, having a bug in the app will affect the functioning of your email application.

Solutions to Fix Spectrum Email Sending and Receiving Issues

Solution 1: Check for Internet Errors

The Internet is the backbone of every web-based email service and thus scarcity of a proper network connection can affect sending and receiving abilities using your RR email account. And, to fix any internet errors, you can consider restarting your router and modem and making changes in the placement of your device by bringing it closer to the router.

While using cellular data, try restarting your device, or enable Airplane mode and turn it off to check for improvements.

Solution 2: Find Emails in the Spam Folder

Sometimes primary emails land in the Spam folder and thus when you can’t find emails in your RR email inbox, we suggest you to check the Spam and other folders. Other than this, check in the Promotional and Social tabs instead of directly heading towards advanced troubleshooting.

Solution 3: Check the “Blocked Contacts” List

Blocked email contacts need to be unblocked to retain their capabilities of sending and receiving emails from your email address. Hence, if you are not receiving emails from one specific contact, you must check your “Blocked Contact” list as you may have accidentally blocked an email account.

Solution 4: Delete Cache and Cookies

Though cache and cookies are meant to improve user experience, they can sometimes create issues by interfering with the functioning of your RR email account. Therefore, keep a habit of cleaning your browser from cookies and cache to avoid facing issues with your Roadrunner email account.

Solution 5: Follow the Prescribed Limits

When you are not able to send one particular email, you might not follow the restrictions prescribed by the email service provider. Make sure you are not attaching too many files at a time, sending too large files, or adding too many recipients at one time.

To send a large number of emails, we suggest using different email addresses and not just one to send all.

Solution 6: Check attachment Limits

An email bigger than 5 MB can’t be sent using an RR email account. Hence, if you are attaching a larger file, we suggest you compress or split the file for the successful sharing of data.

Solution 7: Make corrections in the Recipient’s Address

The address you are writing in the “To” field of the email you are creating when you are consistently receiving messages like “email delivery failed” or “the email address can’t be found”. In such cases, thoroughly go through the user name, domain name, special characters, and other related aspects.

Solution 8: Check Brower’s Version

If the browser you are using is outdated, you must immediately install the latest version of your browser as this will cure all the issues you are facing while sending or receiving emails.

Solution 9: Remove or Disable Browser Add-Ons

The app that is installed on your browser might interrupt with other web services that you use including the Roadrunner email account. Therefore, whenever you come across errors like sending and receiving issues, you should try disabling the add-ons and plug-ins and check if this makes any improvement. Do this for every add-on or plug-in that is there.

Solution 10: Check Roadrunner Email Server Settings

When an RR email account is configured on third-party clients, the server settings should be configured in the proper manner for running the services on your device. The IMAP and POP Protocols determine the smooth sending and receiving of your emails, hence these settings can’t be overlooked whenever you come across an issue.

The Correct to setup Roadrunner email account are as follow: (RoadRunner/TWC) IMAP Settings

  • IMAP Server:
  • IMAP port: 993
  • IMAP security: SSL / TLS
  • IMAP username: Your full email address
  • IMAP password: Your password (RoadRunner/TWC) SMTP Settings

  • SMTP Server:
  • SMTP port: 587
  • SMTP security: STARTTLS
  • SMTP username: Your full email address
  • SMTP password: Your password

Solution 11: Check for the Blocked Server Ports

Check if the software ports are blocked by antivirus, anti-malware, network protocol, or other security programs because blocked ports won’t let you use the features of your email service provider. Hence, make sure that ports such as 995, 465, or 587 are blocked as they are essential for service to connect with its services. To get it fixed, reach your Internet Service Provider or the manufacturer of the security programs you are using. 

Solution 12: Remove any Additional Email Account

If you are using a mail app and have multiple RR email accounts configured, you might get confused. Therefore, try removing all other accounts other than you are using to send and receive emails. 

Solution 13: Contact your Mail app Manufacturer

If you are unable to send or receive emails while using the Roadrunner email account on your device’s mail app, you can contact the manufacturer of your mail app. But, keep it as the last resort or try using another email client.

That’s all! With these 13 best of all and time-tested solutions, you can get rid of problems that you face while sending or receiving Roadrunner emails. 

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